We hope that the 22nd of August 2015 is the impetus for us to unite as a world and keep supporting the dreams of girls and women everywhere.  Bubbles Beyond Borders is an ongoing campaign to bring global change and equal rights for girls and women.  If all of us do something, then something will change!  Pledge one action in support of girls and women’s rights and dreams.


  •  Connect with a girl and mentor her
  • Write an empowering letter to a girl
  • Donate to a girls or women’s empowerment program
  • Start a Girls’ Power Circle in your area
  • Participate in the Help-Her-Help-Herself Project
  • Have a book drive so that girls who don’t have access to a library can read
  • Donate your time to teaching girls to read
  • Educate girls in some way
  • Donate your time to teaching girls/women some form of self-defence
  • Donate your time to counselling girls/women if you’re qualified to do so.
  • Buy a book for a girl that will help to empower her and believe in her own potential

 And there are so many other ideas!  Just do something.