Perhaps you’d like to be a campaign leader in your state/province. 

6 Simple Steps:

  1.  Like the Facebook page and share it will all your contacts, including organisations and schools.
  2. Encourage people to participate in your campaign and guide others with organising their own campaigns and Bubble Runs on August 22nd  2014.
  3. Liaise with the media in your area to cover the campaign and the actual Bubble Run on August 22nd – newspapers and magazines, radio stations, TV stations (whatever is available to you).
  4. Contact any influential people/organisations you may know who would perhaps like to be part of Bubbles Beyond Borders.
  5. Ask friends who have radio/TV shows/blogs to interview you about the Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign so that you can reach more people.
  6. Keep getting the word out.  Also, invite every participant to bring their own pledge poster to the Bubble Run on August 22nd  – the pledge poster will have the action they wish to take or issue they want to change in some way!
  • You’re not in this alone!  We have a Facebook Group especially for campaign leaders around the world where we share ideas and thoughts, and help each other.
  • Let’s get this global so that it’s covered by mainstream media worldwide, and so that we can make a difference in the lives of girls and women worldwide!