From around the World

 South Africa

  • Haseena Patel & Shameema Patel are leading the KZN campaign (Newcastle)
  • Daniela Verga is also leading the KZN campaign (Durban)
  • Karmilla Kamy Pillay-Siokos is  leading a Gauteng campaign  at Solidarity Walk(Johannesburg)
  • Sima Vallabh and Zubeda Dangor (from Nisaa Institute for Women’s Development) are leading a campaign in Lenasia, Gauteng
  • Celeste Louw is leading a Kimberly campaign.


  • Stacey Kim-Jackson from Long Beach, California is leading the California campaign.
  • Alisha Jean-Denis from Connecticut  is leading the Connecticut campaign
  • Elena Justice from Hollywood, Florida is leading the Florida campaign
  • Felicia Johnson from Atlanta, Georgia is leading the Georgia campaign
  • Angela Eden from Indiana is leading the Indiana campaign.
  • Alyscia Cunningham, Maryland is leading the Maryland campaign.
  • Dawn Gandalf  is leading the Montana campaign
  • Desiree Jordan from New York, New York is leading the New York campaign
  • Danielle Grace DePalma,Niagra Falls, New York is leading the western New York campaign.
  • Ana Medina from Hendersonville, North Carolina is leading the North Carolina campaign
  • Shellie Hipsky from Pennsylvania is leading the Pennsylvania campaign
  • Kemyta Terry, Washington DC is leading the Washington DC campaign

United Kingdom

  • Vanessa Carter is leading the U.K. campaign (Norfolk) 
  • Lila Leopard is leading the campaign in Cornwall, United Kingdom
  • Narelle Jacobs is leading the the campaign in Essex, United Kingdom


  • Dinah Braide is leading the Nigeria campaign


  • Sarah Miller is leading the campaign in Melbourne, Australia
  • Jane Dulce  is leading the Bondi Beach, Sydney campaign
  • Narelle Fraser is leading the Fremantle, Perth campaign 
  • Kristan Lee Read is also helping lead the Australian campaign

New Zealand

  • Mallory Xavier Allen  Tauranga, New Zealand
  • Dayle Troon is leading the campaign in Invercargill, New Zealand


  •  Shanika Benoit is leading the campaign in Trinidad


  • Aime Hutton is leading the campaign in Canada


  •  Sharon Brusch is leading the campaign in St. John’s  Antigua W.I


  • Trista Lee Hendren Løberg  is leading the campaign in Bergen, Norway


  • Joke Bot from Zeeuwse Wereldvrouwen is leading the campaign in Bruinisse Netherlands


  • Agnieszka Biela is leading the campaign in Hollaback, Poland
  • Skrzydlata Zyrafa is leading the campaign in Cracow, Poland
  • Daria Marzec is leading the campaign in Trojmiasto – Sopot, Northern Poland
  • Krzysztof Jasik  is leading the campaign near the city of Kielce, Poland


  • Krista Zurn is leading the campaign in Kaiserslautern, Germany


  • Hena is leading the campaign in Pakistan


  • Dona Geagea is leading the campaign in Curacao