When Boko Haram abducted more than 200 Nigerian girls from their school in April, sisters and co-founders of Leave No Girl Behind International, Haseena and Shameema Patel reacted as expected: with outrage that turned into action.


In North Eastern Nigeria, educating young women is an unusual and courageous step forward. The students and their parents’ dreams for their future were crushed by this violent action.  Haseena and Shameema wanted to do something, but didn’t know what to do.  Having one of many conversations about it nearly a month later, they talked about how women and girls around the world experience this type of treatment.  That was the moment that they created the campaign, Bubbles Beyond Borders.  They decided that if people around the world could stand up for the rights and dreams of girls and women, it would make a difference.  Their vision was that on August 16th 2014, at 1pm , groups of people worldwide would blow bubbles, each pledging an action to support girls and women’s rights and dreams in some way.   

Bubbles Beyond Borders has grown since then and this year, on 22 August, they hope to make it bigger and better and in so doing, together with campaign leaders from around the world,  make a significant impact on girls’ and women’s rights



  • Bubbles resist gravity.
  • Bubbles illustrate the lightness of being in any environment.
  • Bubbles float.
  • Bubbles are lighter than air.
  • Bubbles move with the breeze.
  • Bubbles travel across boundaries.
  • Bubbles defy description.
  • Bubbles express freedom.
  • Bubbles connect peoples with a smile.
  • Bubbles are simple to create.
  • Bubbles are biodegradable, green.
  • Bubbles are fun!

This worldwide campaign demonstrates that dreams don’t have borders; that we are a global community that support the hopes and dreams of women and girls worldwide.

 One world, one people, blowing bubbles in support of each other.